Frequently asked questions

How is the Road?

Our road can accommodate all passenger vehicles! Due to sharp curves on the trail, we are unable to accommodate trailers, buses, RVs, and other larger vehicles.

How much money should we bring?

$25 per vehicle up to 8 people        /         $40 per vehicle for 8+ people
Stuff-A-Critter $14.99
S'mores Kit $3.00
Craft Bag $3.00

Kettle Corn $5.00-$7.00

Concession Stand - Price Vary
Stocking Stuffers and Gift Store - Prices Vary

What is included with admission?

1 mile of creatively lighted scenes, many of which are choreographed to Christmas music on 88.5 FM.

Free Entry to the Event Center that will include Kids Play Area, Letters to Santa, 11 Beautifully Decorated Trees, 10 Backdrops and Cut-outs for Pictures, and a NEW outside walking area with music and dancing lights.  

Can we visit with Santa Claus?

Santa  & Mrs. Claus will be at our Event Center every Friday and Saturday night, beginning November 27th, from 6:30-9:15.  Santa will be located in the designated photo area.   We will have a professional photographer taking pictures of all families visiting Santa for purchase however, you are not required to buy the pictures.  Digital proofs will be available for purchase within 24/48 hours on our website! Digital images will start at $10 and products will also be available for purchase. You will also be able to take your own pictures from a designated area behind the photographer, but we cannot hold up the line for you to "capture" the picture you want.  Keep in mind that the best memories are the candid photos.  Also, it is not Santa's intention to scare any small children.  Give him a moment to talk to the child.  Sometimes just hearing his voice is helpful.  If that does not help he will hand the child back to the guardian, to avoid any additional trauma!

Will we have to wait in line?

On Friday and Saturday nights you will likely have to wait for a short time.  We try to get everyone in the gate as quickly as possible but never want to rush you through the trail.  We want everyone to drive slow and enjoy the scenes.  Considering the waits during these nights we suggest your tank is filled and you go to the restroom before arrival.  Kids (and sometime parents) are not good at being patient!  

Are we done when we get to the Event Center?

Our Event Center is located 3/4 of a mile through the park.  We encourage you to stop and hangout.  Have some hot chocolate, make your own s'mores, take pictures, & enjoy family time.   Watch our Facebook page and website for announcements and upcoming events.  After leaving the park you will hit the exit trail which will have the most important scenes in the park!

Safety First!

We have staff at the gate to answer any questions. Please drive slow and stay on the road!  DO NOT STOP ON THE TRAIL AND GET OUT OF YOUR CAR! There are guide and electrical wires you cannot see at night.  When you enter and exit the parking lot watch for people walking.  The parking lot is gravel and our outside area is lit but not as bright as most so you can enjoy the lights so please watch your step at all times.   We have chosen the best staff.  Most are young adults working their first jobs so please be kind to them.  If you have an issue please ask to speak to the owners, Randall or Kim Baggett, one will be onsite at all times.

PLEASE SUPERVISE YOUR CHILDREN!  We want your children to have the best time ever but it would ruin everyone's holiday spirit if there is an injury.  Some areas to be cautious of is the open fire fit, open access to the parking area, breakables in the store, & displays and Christmas trees that can be pulled down.  

Are there rainchecks?

Unless the weather is unsafe to drive (freezing rain) we will be open.  Our road can withstand the rain and our Event Center will still be a fun night out.  

What are donations for?

As a locally owned-and-operated business, we feel it is important to support local non-profits especially during the season of giving.  There are many to choose from, but this year we chose CASA, 1st Choice Pregnancy Center, For the Sake of One, and The ArkLaTex 100 Club!  The donations that you give will be divided among the 5 non-profits and we will match up to $500 per non-profit.